Back in 2006 I purchased my first two dairy La Mancha goats, Matilda and Ellie Mae from Blue Ledge Farm.  But, of course, you won’t get much milk from dairy goats if you don't’ get yourself a buck!  I purchased Jubal from Does Leap Farm, a pure Nubian male goat, in 2007.

     In the spring of 2008 we were blessed with our first two kids:  Prudence (white female) and Jeremiah (tan male) .  Since that time, the milk has been a flowing!  We drink the milk from our goats on a daily basis, using it as we would cow’s milk. We also make our own yogurt, cheeses, and even cream and butter!  The milk is not only healthy, but also tasty. 

     Just as we have become spoiled with the quality and taste of eggs from free-range chickens, we are now hooked on fresh goats milk. There is no “goaty” taste that I’ve always been warned about, and since we have a home pasteurizer, we don’t need to have any fears about milk-borne pathogens. 

     The one downside to this experience is having to deal with the “excess kids”.  When they cannot be sold off as pets, they must be sent to slaughter.  I do my best to find good homes for them, but this is not always possible.  You can easily become attached to the kids, which makes it all the worse when the decision must be made.