Pasture Raised Pigs and Piglets

     We maintain only 1 pair of breeding pigs year round in order to produce piglet litters during the warmer months.   We sell off the piglets once they are weaned, keeping only one for ourselves to raise for slaughter. 

     We do NOT sell finished pigs for slaughter, nor do we sell pork.  We ONLY SELL PIGLETS,  while keeping one of the piglets to finish for ourselves.  A couple of weeks before the piglets are weaned, I usually place advertisements on the Front Porch Forum, Westford’s Farmers’ Market website, and to those who have previously given me their email addresses/phone #’s.  All piglets are sold on a first-come, first serve basis.  

     My breeding pair are both of mixed heritage, so I’m not quite sure exactly what breed they are.  They are pasture raised, and are not fed any commercially produced feed.  They live on the grasses in the field, and the generous contributions of the Sweet Clover Market, the kitchen staff at Colchester Middle School, and several others whose donate their scrap kitchen waste to them. 

     My pigs are a vital component to my farm, and things would be much more difficult without them.  Not only are they my Composters, they are also my garden tillers!  I use a 2 field system, where the pigs live on 1 section while I garden the other field.  The next year the pigs are placed in the other section while I garden the field they were previously occupying.  Thanks to their work, and the addition of the manure laden hay used as mulch, the soil in my garden has been improving dramatically year by year. 

Pigs                       Prices: $70.00 for each weaned piglet

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